In this section, you can find VisiQuick demo, TeamViewer and brochures of our products. You cannot find the information you were looking for? Let us know your questions here.

  • VisiQuick Demo: Install VisiQuick demo on your computer and check how VisiQuick can help you with your patients dental analysis and diagnostic. Click here to download.
  • VisiQuick TeamViewer: For remote support, we use our own TeamViewer version. Click here to download.
  • VisiQuick connectivity chart: VisiQuick easily connects to many administration software programs, OPG, RSP, Tomo, 3D machines. Click here to view connectivity chart and here list of supported devices.

Soon to come

  • VisiQuick Quick reference Guide: VisiQuick helps you to acquire, view, compare and measure all your images (x-ray, intra oral, color, and documents), from digital x-ray systems, or scanners for classical x-ray.
  • Facad Tutorial: This tutorial is designed to help you in using Facad.
  • Facad version comparison: This PDF has comparative table between Light and full version of Facad.